2nd February, 2018 *

Rural Zed

Copse Farm image An affordable and easy to build, Zed home that suits a rural position.  Designed to combine the best aspects of pre-fabricated timber frame kits with thermally massive heavyweight construction capable of storing winter solar gain whilst staying cool in hot summers. Each building is designed and engineered to minimise heat and power requirements to a point where they can be met by renewable energy sources harvested on site.

Roofs clad in sedum help the buildings blend into the countryside whilst reducing rainfall run off and providing an additional wildlife habitat. Local timber weatherboarding, high performance timber windows and natural lime render will further help the buildings disappear into their surroundings.

Two different designs are available, one for east/west sites and the other for north/south facing sites. The houses can be detached or grouped to create small hamlets that complement existing villages or urban extensions to country towns.